Toronto German Schools

Toronto German Language Schools is a school board comprised of four schools located in the Greater Toronto Area.

As part of our mission we offer:

  • The ability to learn the German language and amazing cultures of Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Warm and caring school communities
  • Exams that lead to an internationally recognized certification German Language Certificate of the Education Ministers Conference) (A1, A2, DSD I, DSD II)

German language instruction is offered from Kindergarten all the way up to achievement of the DSD II. The DSD II is Germany’s highest diploma for learning the German language outside of Germany and can lead to study at Germany universities.

Classes are held at our four schools most Saturdays through the conventional school year (September to June). Please check with your nearest  school location for details.

Our schools are members of the Canadian Association of German Language Schools KVDS and our teachers attend regular training.

Job postings can be found here.